Friday, 19 July 2013

Top 5 Reasons a Neon Sign will Help Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you probably want your name to be recognized and stick in people’s mind. One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to advertise your company, both indoors and out, is with a neon sign. The neon industry is seeing a resurgence and here you’ll find 5 ways in which a neon sign can help your business grow.

 1. Get seen from a distance. 

In real estate they say the three most important factors that determine the success of a brick and mortar store is “location, location, location.” So what if you have a good location for your business but not the best visibility? Neon signs are all about getting the most visibility for your business. Neon signs have an advantage over painted signs in that they can be seen from more far away distances, in most any weather conditions. If you’re a traveler, how are you to know if a roadside motel has any rooms available? With a highly visible neon “vacancy” sign, that’s how. How are people who are driving by to know that you’re open for business without a clearly visible “open” neon sign? They alluring glow of neon attracts the eye of passersby like no other form of outdoor advertising.

 2. Advertise your high margin items and make more profit. 

This is especially important for bars and restaurants. Do you have a particular brand of beer or alcohol that has a good margin but doesn't sell the way you’d like it to? Hang a neon sign of that brand on your wall or above your bar and watch more people order it. It’s a subliminal, psychological thing. Have you ever walked into a bar not knowing what drink you want to order, and ordered something simply because you saw a sign for it on the wall? You may have done that more times than you realize. Neon signs work better than posters, cardboard cutouts, or coasters. The more attention it attracts, the more it will sell.

 3. Get your company brand “branded” in people’s mind. 

Just like how a rancher will take a hot branding iron to cattle to mark their property, a neon sign can act as a “branding iron” and imprint your message onto people’s mind. Is there an iconic restaurant or store in your home town that you can recall right now simply because you can picture their sign? Congratulations, your brain has been branded! When your company name or logo is seen in colorful images, fonts, and words, it’s more likely to be remembered by potential customers. A custom neon sign with your business name can get you remembered, and in turn will bring you more business.

 4. A cost-efficient advertising tool that can be left on 24/7 

A common misconception about neon signs is that they use up a lot of electricity to operate. People see the glowing glass tubes and equate it to a hot heating element (which uses a TON of electricity). The fact is that neon signs are incredibly energy-efficient! The glow you see is not heated glass, but in fact a chemical reaction brought on by a small electrical charge that causes the gas inside the vacuum to glow brightly. Your average sized neon sign actually takes up no more electricity than a standard light bulb! This means you can leave your neon sign on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not see your electricity bill skyrocket.

 5. Attention-grabbing words glowing in neon will attract short-attention spanned people. 

In this world with an increasing population of people that grew up in the internet age, the average attention span is decreasing. Sometimes a simple word advertising a particular service or product you provide is all it takes to get people into your store. For example, a lone “beer” neon sign hanging outside your storefront could be all it takes to attract a thirsty person.

 There’s so many ways in which a neon signs can bring you the business you need and deserve!

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