Friday, 2 August 2013

What to Look for in a Custom Neon Sign.

A question you may be asking if you've stumbled onto this blog post is: What is the best neon sign for your business? I've prepared a list of things and options that go into choosing the neon sign that's right for you:

 Backing and Quality Glass: Custom Neon Signs in the U.S.A. are manufactured with high quality tempered glass. These types of glass are the strongest for neon signs and are less likely to beak than Chine-made glass. As far as backing goes, you can opt for either a Lexan back or a metal grid (which is like a crisscross grid). Here is an example of both:
Lexan Backed Neon Sign 
Neon Sign with a Lexan Backing
Grid Backed Neon Sign 
Neon Sign with a Grid Backing
Lexan Backing is usually black but you can also have it made in clear or grey. Lexan is the one of the most popular choices of backing because it heightens the visibility of your neon sign by minimizing the amount of glare. It also and also hides the wiring efficiently. Grid backing for your neon sign is great if you would like your sign to stand alone on a surface or counter top, or if you have specific or unusual hanging space.

Size: One of the most important parts when deciding the size of your neon sign  is how far away to you's like it to be seen by people. The bigger the sign, the further away it can be read legibly.  A rule of thumb is the lettering on your neon sign will be legible up to 40 feet away for each tall the letter is. For example, if you want your sign to be legible from 400 feet away, the letters on your sign must be at least 10 inches tall. Also, it's been shown that words that are in lower case are more legible that words that are in all upper case. 

Color: The Color of your neon sign is very important. Visionary studies have shown that red neon is the most readable, followed by green, turquoise, and pink. A mixture of these 4 colors (with each word being its own color as to make it stand out more) is always recommended.

Flash: A flashing neon sign can be both beneficial and detrimental.  A Flashing sign is hard to ignore and can easily grab the attention of people, but it also can be a visual annoyance if it's hung too close to people's faces. Flashing neon signs are best for open neon signs and signs that need to be seen from far away.

Drunken Clam Animate Neon Sign Animations: Animations are great and can be humerus and extremely high-catching. These types of neon signs require a little more glass, so they can cost a little bit more, but if made in the right way they can really make your neon sign memorable and stick in people's mind.

Source: Neon and More

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