Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tattoo Neon Signs: The Importance of Neon Tattoo Signs

Tattoo Neon Sign

Tattoo parlors are an interesting phenomenon - they attract an eclectic crowd and normally have wall-to-wall artwork of tattoo samples covering the place and usually offer other counter-culture fashion accessories such as piercings and other clothing items. If you're the owner of such a store, then you know the need to get people in those seats to get inked. If you want the most amount of foot traffic into your tattoo parlor, you're going to want a neon tattoo sign to be as big and as bright as you can. There are many reasons for wanting to be seen, namely:

1. Tattoo shops are usually located in metropolitan areas with high foot traffic, most of the time in areas where there is a big nightlife, so being seen from a far distance (and when it's dark) is very important.

2. People often tend to get tattoos and piercing on a whim. Of course, those who take tattoos seriously usually plan ahead what they want and have a trusted artist do their inking, but many people are with a group of friends and tend to pop in out of sheer curiosity. Sometimes if they're feeling adventurous they'll get a tattoo right then and there! For this reason, you'll want your shop to have a tattoo neon sign as big and as distantly visible as possible.

Here's another thing - have you ever noticed that tattoo parlor signs tend to be vertical? Close your eyes and think of a tattoo parlor that you know of, or see if you can remember the last one you saw. Chances are the "tattoo" was reading top to bottom. The reason for that is because tattoo parlors are usually in smaller buildings with limited window space, and since windows are usually taller than they are wide, custom neon signs can be made to fit the height of the window and have the text be as large and as legible as possible. Plus, if the sign is placed outdoors, it can be read by people that are walking on the same side of the street as your shop.

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