Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Neon Bar Signs - They're On The Wall for a Reason

Sidle up to the bar and have yourself a beer, partner

When you walk into your local bar or pub, do you know what you want to order before you even go through the door? Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe you'll have a pint your favorite local brew, or perhaps you're feeling a little adventurous and are in the mood to try something new. Your brain may be more open to visual suggestion than you're probably willing to admit. Have you ever noticed that most bars have neon signs of different types of beer brands on the wall, most of the time clearly visible from where you order? Yes, like a moth to a flame, your eyes will be drawn to the bright colors and boom! Before you know it your brain tells you "order that beer that's on the wall right there."

This is a little over simplified of course, but there is some truth to the fact that neon bar signs are effective in marketing a particular brand of alcohol. Bar owners and savvy business people know this, and depending on the the type of establishment, you may see one or two on the walls or you may see dozens and dozens of them spread all over the place. Neon Bar Signs add to the ambiance of the place and makes people feel warm and welcomed. There is a certain level of expectations when people go into a bar they've never been to, and it the walls are bare and drab, chances are they'll walk right out the door. 

Custom Neon Bar Signs are great too if you want to advertise you local brew. Or, if you want to highlight a particular liquor or specialty cocktail, a neon sign can be made of that as well. So, grab yourself a stool and have yourself a tasty libation while you bask in the glow of colorful neon.

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