Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Personalized Neon Signs - Make Your Neon Sign Uniquely Yours

Neon signs, those glowing entities that adorn the night skies in the cities are made in all sizes, shapes, and forms. Invented in the early 20th century, they've evolved from a scientific curiosity to a technical innovation to an almost advertising necessity. Most neon signs are made with business advertising in mind, but many custom neon signs are made for personal use. Yes, they do more than just try to sell you beer; they can be artistic, fun, and add a unique charm to your home or event and can make a great gift! Here are three examples of ways you can use personalized neon signs from signs that were actually made for some satisfied customers:

1. Neon signs for weddings - Who doesn't like a wedding? Well, some people, but you can't deny that most people that plan weddings go all out when it comes to the decor of the ceremony or the reception. What better way to announce the newlyweds than with a neon sign? Custom Neon Signs for Weddings

Personalized Neon Sign

2. Have your face made in neon - Here's another unique piece of art to hang on your wall. Your name doesn't have to be Big Dave and you don't have to have curly hair and glasses. A personalized neon sign can be made of your lovely visage in any color and in any size you want. Heck, a life-size full body neon sculpture can be made if you so desire!

Personalized Neon Sign

3. Have a neon sign made to tell that special someone how you truly feel about them. How darling is this? This sign would make a great Valentine's Day gift. How about using a "Will You Marry Me?" neon sign to pop the big question? It's been done before, but that won't make it any less special or unique! Cheers!

Personalized Neon Sign

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