Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Custom Neon Lights: Have it Your Way in Neon

Glass tubes that have been shaped with a hot flame, filled with inert gas and then electrified are a fascinating way to grab one's attention. Here are just 4 ways that custom neon signs can be made for business or personal use!

Neon Signs:

Custom Neon Sign

Neon signs are of course the first and most obvious use for neon lights. Since the invention of the Geissler tube in the late 1800's, neon signs have been adorning the front of buildings and businesses for almost a century. Neon signs can be made for other uses besides advertising of course, including home decoration or as collectors items.

Neon Border Tubing:

Neon Border Tubing

It's called neon "border tubing" because it runs along the borders of things: windows, walls, mirrors, the edges of buildings, and anything else that would look good highlighted in neon. This is a fantastic way for businesses to stand out at night and add a colorful decor to an otherwise drab building.

Neon Posters and Neon Pictures:

Neon Posters

Posters and pictures can be customized to add neon like this poster above for the movie Drive. You can either provide a link to a high resolution picture you want to "neon-ify," or in the case of posters you can send it in and we can mount it on to a Plexiglas backing and add neon around large letters or around the border.

Neon Channel Letters:

Dancing Zorba's Channel Letters Neon Sign

Channel Letters for business signs are different than your standard neon sign in that each individual letter has its own metal casing. The sign above (from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding) features "open faced" neon channel letters, which means the neon is exposed in the letters as opposed to standard channel letters that have an acrylic face and are lit from the inside by LED lights. These type of signs are ideal for medium to large businesses that want to be seen from much greater distances than your standard neon sign.

Source: Neon and More Custom Neon Lights: Four Ways to Customize Neon Tubes

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