Friday, 27 September 2013

Customized Neon Signs: The Gift of Light

It's time again to extol the awesomeness of customized neon signs, being that they're the perfect example of how art and science come together to make something spectacular. Not only do they serve a purpose for business advertisement, they also make great decorations for your home and serve as genuinely unique gifts for that someone that appreciates art, iridescence, and colorful decorations. With the holiday season approaching, I'm here to give you some ideas as to what kind of custom neon signs to give to that deserving special someone.

Have you ever seen a neon sign or sculpture in a movie or T.V. show that you thought would look awesome hanging on someone's wall? Does the person you're shopping for have a favorite movie or show? (who doesn't?) One way to give them the gift of neon light is to present them with a piece of Hollywood memorabilia all their own.

Take this iconic scene from Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Once Selina Kyle assumes her Catwoman persona she trashes her room, and in doing so kicks out some of the letters in her "Hello There" neon sign spelling "Hell Here." Pretty cool huh? This sign can be recreated (purple lettering and all) and can even be fitted with a pull chain that will turn off the 'O' and the "T" making it even more authentic to the movie. What Tim Burton fan wouldn't want this as a gift?

Customized Neon Signs

Here's another example of a customized neon sign. Practically any cartoon character can be turned into neon lights, just like this Pink Panther Neon Sign. Cue the Henry Mancini theme...

Customized Neon Signs

The possibilities are practically endless! Give a memorable and lasting gift to that person in your life that deserves greatness.

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